Cake & commitment

It’s been a long time since our last post. So long, we considered closing our proverbial doors—with a big thanks to all of you for sharing your words, and reading and sharing the words of others.

It was at that very moment that a post first sent in February re-surfaced, after a deep-dive to the hidden corners of gmail, where it lay dormant for 9 months. The author is still eager to share it and the piece (unfortunately, given the subject) is still relevant. Online next week.

Next, a fierce woman street artist reached out to offer her artistic services to design a logo + some merchandise for Missing in the Mission. In time for the holidays, with the idea of raising money for a cause of our choice. Stay tuned.

And an experienced aid worker, on her way back from responding to the Rohingya crisis in Bangladesh, asked if she could share reflections once she’s had time to process her recent experiences there. We are ready when she is.

In short, here we are. Celebrating our 2nd birthday, revived and reinvigorated, with our doors still wide open as we come to the end of 2017. We will never post content just to post content—there is already enough of that online—but we will commit to a more regular monthly schedule. And when the words, or images, or stories arise within you to express the more nuanced and personal aspects of work in our sector, we are honored to serve as your outlet for them. An outlet where you can continue to be as anonymous or non-anonymous as you choose.

For those who have supported the blog over the last two years: thank you for writing, reading, sharing, commenting. For those who are new: welcome. We are here to offer a virtual place to step back from the ruckus and reflect on what it means to take care of ourselves, and each other, within the humanitarian aid industry.

Who knows… in 2018 perhaps we will offer a place to do that in person as well! Watch this space.


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