Putting down roots

Alina Potts 2014_Brook

Brooklyn Grange rooftop farm in New York City (brooklyngrangefarm.com.) Photo credit: Alina Potts

After moving around so much, and often living and working amidst great destruction, gardening has become a very important part of my life. There is a certain predictability and reciprocity to it: yes, weather and insects can cause damage but in general, you get back what you put in. And often you get more. To connect with the earth, to feel rooted in one spot, to notice the tiny changes as things grow from one day to the next. For this I am grateful.

Whether it’s a houseplant or a garden or (in my case) a rooftop farm in Brooklyn, perhaps you’ve found the same. Or other pursuits: drawing, pottery, surfing, sewing, building birdhouses. I would love to hear about them. And see pictures!

Tip for those who say they don’t have a green thumb: I’ve found that staying in one place is key. When you leave your cactus for weeks or months at a time then yes, she will probably die. But it’s not your thumb’s fault!

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